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Dapoxetine: The Best and Most Effective Sexual Pill that Can Help A Lot of People

There is no single treatment that can be employed to address the issue of premature ejaculation. This is due to the fact that premature ejaculation is a complicated psychological and physiological disease with several causes.

Dapoxetine is one of the most often used therapies for premature ejaculation (Dapoxetine). It works by boosting serotonin levels in the body, which creates a delayed reaction in the brain regions involved in ejaculation.

If you're wondering if Dapoxetine is right for you, keep reading!

What is Dapoxetine?

We sell several kinds of Dapoxetine pills in Australia. It's also available in a once-a-day dose. The medicine works by extending arousal in the body and postponing climax to extend ejaculation beyond the customary 5 to 10 minutes in males. It is not a cure for PE, but it is a huge help in treating it.

When used properly, Dapoxetine can help most men with PE last two or more times longer than they would without the drug. It's not a perfect solution, but it can be very helpful. The active ingredient of Dapoxetine is sildenafil citrate, which is typically prescribed for erectile dysfunction and pulmonary hypertension (high blood pressure in the lungs). When taken as a pill, Dapoxetine is also used to treat premature ejaculation and dyspepsia (indigestion).

What Is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is the state of ejaculating too soon. It is a prevalent condition among guys that are mainly caused by sexual anxiousness. Intercourse can feel like a high-pressure sprint, and some people struggle to control their ejaculation, resulting in frustration, guilt, and embarrassment.

Ejaculating within one minute of penetration is considered premature ejaculation. Some people are able to ejaculate within 90 seconds of being pierced.

Premature ejaculation can be caused by a number of reasons, including:


     Changes in hormones


     The fear of rejection

     Being under duress

     Problems with physical health

     Concerns about sexual health

The origins of premature ejaculation are unknown, however, it is probable that it is induced by physical, emotional, or psychological factors.

Behavioral therapy, medication, and sex-therapy sessions are the most popular therapies for premature ejaculation.

How Well Does Dapoxetine Work?

Dapoxetine is the brand name for the medication dapoxetine. It is a brain-based selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps to carry signals between nerve cells in the body. Ejaculation is caused by one of these signals.

Dapoxetine acts by preventing serotonin reuptake. This permits it to have a longer duration of action and postpone ejaculation. Dapoxetine is extremely effective because it is absorbed so quickly by the body. It can be taken on the spot, a few hours before intercourse, or as prescribed by a doctor. It only stays in the body for a brief period of time, reducing the possibility of negative effects.

Dapoxetine has been shown in clinical trials to considerably enhance the amount of time spent ejaculating.

As with any drug, different people will experience variable degrees of effectiveness. However, this medicine has shown to be quite effective at giving users more control over their ejaculations and sexual satisfaction.

How Should Dapoxetine Be Taken?

To be most effective, Dapoxetine should be taken orally with a glass of water three hours before intercourse.

'Does Dapoxetine work with food?' you may be thinking.

You may be wondering. Dapoxetine, unlike Viagra, may be taken with or without meals. However, alcohol should be avoided since it might aggravate adverse effects such as dizziness, tiredness, and delayed reaction times.

To acquire a feel for the medicine, start with a lesser dose of 30mg. Before making a choice, you should give the therapy four weeks or at least six doses. If this is insufficient, raise the dosage to 60mg to make it more effective.

In a 24-hour period, just one pill should be consumed. Dapoxetine is most effective when taken on demand; nonetheless, it is not meant for daily usage.

Dapoxetine Side Effects

The most frequent adverse effects of dapoxetine medication include nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, headache, diarrhea, and sleeplessness. The rate of discontinuation due to adverse effects is proportionate to the dosage.

If you feel dizzy or faint after taking Dapoxetine, avoid driving, operating heavy machinery, or engaging in potentially dangerous activities.

More serious adverse effects are relatively uncommon. Seek medical treatment as soon as possible if you have any significant side effects, such as fainting or seizures.

Dapoxetine Interactions

Dapoxetine, like any other medicine, may interact with other medications. Dapoxetine should not be taken with antidepressants, blood thinners, drugs for kidney or liver disorders, or by persons who are prone to dehydration.

Dapoxetine can interact with a variety of different drugs. This is why, before taking Dapoxetine, you must inform your doctor of all prescription, over-the-counter, and recreational drugs you are taking.

Dapoxetine Dosage

For all patients, the suggested beginning dose is 30 mg, given as needed 1 to 3 hours before sexual activity. The highest suggested dose interval is every 24 hours. If 30 mg is inadequate and the side effects are tolerated, the dose may be raised to the maximum suggested amount of 60 mg. Of course, these dosages are only the general recommendations and may need to be individualized. For patients with mild to moderate hepatic impairment, the maximum dose is 30 mg. For patients with severe hepatic impairment, the maximum dose is 15 mg. If these dosage recommendations are not followed, the risk of super-additive effects and adverse events will increase significantly.

How Long Does Dapoxetine Last?

Dapoxetine is typically effective within 1-3 hours of administration, however, it can sometimes be useful for up to 12 hours.

According to the study, Dapoxetine is beneficial for almost 8 out of 10 males. In this group of guys, they should notice a two- to threefold increase in the amount of time their erection lasts before they have to ejaculate. Taking Dapoxetine on a regular basis will be more effective than taking it on an irregular basis.

Who Can Take Dapoxetine?

Dapoxetine is only allowed for usage in males aged 18 to 64 who have had PE for at least six months prior to application. This specifically refers to males who ejaculate within two minutes of being penetrated. It should not be used by males who have heart illness, blood clotting problems, are prone to fainting, or are on certain prescription drugs. This is because more significant adverse effects are possible. It is important to remember that Dapoxetine should not be used by males under 18 and should not be used by females. The reason for this is that the medicine could cause unwanted side effects and dangerous interactions.

Other Things To Remember Before Taking Dapoxetine

Avoid drinking alcohol while taking Dapoxetine since it might aggravate some adverse effects and reduce the medication's efficacy.

Dapoxetine is meant to be a short-term remedy rather than a long-term cure. Because the causes of premature ejaculation are complicated, Dapoxetine cannot cure the underlying causes of the problem. This strategy works best when combined with behavioral strategies and, in certain situations, counseling or psychotherapy.

You should always take Dapoxetine exactly as prescribed by your doctor. This is because it may produce an allergic reaction in certain people, which might be fatal. This is why it's critical to see your doctor before starting any new drug. You should also avoid exceeding the specified dose or taking it more frequently than indicated.

If you have a known allergy to Dapoxetine or any other comparable medicine, do not take it.


Dapoxetine is an on-demand medication for premature ejaculation that is effective, safe, and well-tolerated. While daily off-label antidepressants are widely used to treat PE, supporting studies are restricted by small sample sizes, the uncommon use of PROs of control, distress, and satisfaction as outcome measures, and inconsistent reporting of known safety effects.

Dapoxetine is a medicine that can be used to treat premature ejaculation. It is immediately accessible and has a quick commencement of effect. Clinical investigations have shown that the medicine increases the amount of time spent ejaculating dramatically. Most side effects are minor and go away on their own.

Is it true that Dapoxetine is effective for everyone? It might not help you, but if you're experiencing premature ejaculation, it's worth investigating.